Fixed Denture Procedure

In the past, patients with a majority or all of their teeth missing have had limited options for tooth replacement. In most cases, dentures were the traditional and popular choice because they restored patients’ smiles. Dentures, however, do not provide any benefit to your oral health and little benefit to your oral function. They must eventually be replaced, and they are known to cause discomfort or sore spots in the mouth. Thankfully, there are now more options available to patients with extensive tooth loss. Full-arch restoration is a revolutionary procedure that can completely restore a patients’ oral health, oral function, and smile.

A full-arch restoration is a treatment that uses strategically placed dental implants as a base for a whole new set of teeth. The dental implants create a sturdy foundation for a fixed denture, allowing your jaw to remain stimulated and giving you an entirely natural appearance. Whereas traditional dentures only rest on your gums, your full-arch restoration denture will be permanently affixed to your dental implants. The procedure is similar to the single implant procedure but with very different end results.

Patients with extensive tooth loss more often need preparatory procedures, such as bone grafting, before they can undergo dental implant placement. Once your mouth and jaws are ready for your implants, however, the procedure is a simple one. You will receive IV anesthesia so that you can sleep through the surgery without feeling a thing. Your oral surgeon will then gently lift your gums to place as few as four implants into your jaw. Their strategic placement allows them to support and entire arch of new teeth.

After this initial procedure, you will likely receive a temporary arch of teeth so that you do not have to function without teeth. Over the next few months, you will maintain a soft foods diet while you heal and your implants fuse with your jaw bone. Once you have healed completely, you will return to our office to have your new denture attached. The denture will be custom designed to match your natural teeth, and most people will not be able to tell they aren’t your real teeth. Once the denture is attached, you can eat all the foods you like and smile with confidence.

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