Multiple Dental Implants Procedure

Many people feel that a dental implant is best for replacing an individual tooth and don’t realize that dental implants are just as good for replacing several teeth. You can choose to have several dental implants replace your missing teeth individually, or you can choose dental implants as a base for an implant-supported bridge. Both of these options are great for restoring function and aesthetics to your mouth when you are missing multiple teeth.

Much like the single dental implant procedure, your implant treatment will be largely dependent on your needs. The procedure may change depending on how many teeth you are missing, where those missing teeth are located, your need for preparatory procedures, and more. In general, the treatment process is very similar to the single implant treatment process. If you have been missing many teeth for a long time, you will most likely require a bone grafting procedure before receiving your implants.

Once your mouth and jaws are ready for implant placement, you will visit our office for your surgery. Most implant patients undergo IV anesthesia, which allows them to rest comfortably, unaware of the procedure being performed. Your oral surgeon will gently lift your gums and move them out of the way so they can place the implants into the sockets. Some patients — depending on the number of implants needed — may have to have several procedures for implant placement. For patients who choose an implant-supported bridge, your implants will be placed at the same time. Once your oral surgeon has stitched your gums up, you will return home to recover.

As your new implant posts heal with your jaw bone over the next few months, your new prostheses will be created. Once your surgical sites have healed completely and your implant posts have integrated properly, you will return to our office to have your abutments attached and your prostheses placed. If you chose individual implants, each crown will be custom designed and connected. If you chose an implant-supported bridge, the single prosthesis will be attached to your strategically placed implants and bridge the gap created by the missing teeth. Once each piece has been connected, your restoration is complete, and your new teeth will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

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