Single Dental Implant Procedure

Dr. Robert S. Wood and Dr. Nicholas J. Coles have both undergone years of training in the placement of dental implants. As board-certified oral surgeons, they have achieved exemplary status in their extensive knowledge of the oral and maxillofacial specialty and are highly qualified to provide the highest level of implant care.

Your single implant procedure will depend on your needs but in most cases will require only two short procedures. After your initial consultation, we will give you instructions for your pre-operative care, which will help you prepare for your surgical appointment. Following these instructions ensures that your surgery can be performed with no complications. The first procedure involves placing the implant post into your empty tooth socket. Typically, patients will undergo IV anesthesia so that they can sleep through this process and wake up once the surgery is complete. Your oral surgeon will gently open your gums and place the post into the socket, then stitch your gums over the post.

Once you have woken up, you will return home to rest. You will have specific instructions for your post-operative care, and it will be important to follow these to ensure the success of your implants. Over the next few months, your implant post will fuse with your jaw bone and create a permanent foundation for your new tooth. When you come back to our office, we will attach the abutment and connect your new, custom-designed prosthetic crown. Once the restoration is complete, you can return to eating all the foods you love and smiling with confidence.

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